Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Oakland A's Lose to Triple A's

The Twins had only THREE legitimate major leaguers in their starting line-up today. And only one of those is a legitimate everyday regular. So WHY, Joe Kennedy, were you pitching to these assholes like they were the fucking '27 Yankees? Walks to Tyner, Bartlett and Rivas??? Are you fucking kidding me?

Throw strikes, you idiot. If you can't do that, what the hell are you good for?

2005 Stats

Jason Tyner
Minor League ABs: 524
Major League ABs: .28

Jason Bartlett
Minor League ABs: 229
Major League ABs: 195

Matthew LeCroy
Minor League ABs: ..0
Major League ABs: 273

Justin Morneau
Minor League ABs: ..0
Major League ABs: 452

Michael Cuddyer
Minor League ABs: ..9
Major League ABs: 382

Terry Tiffee
Minor League ABs: 229
Major League ABs: 131

Chris Heintz
Minor League ABs: 329
Major League ABs: .11

Nick Punto
Minor League ABs: .15
Major League ABs: 364

Luis Rivas
Minor League ABs: 145
Major League ABs: 119

And are you telling me that our group of "sluggers" couldn't manage any more than two damn hits in the first four innings off of another rookie? What a joke.

Scott Baker
Minor League IPs: 134.2
Major League IPs: .37.2

If this team can't beat Scott fucking Baker and the rest of the Rochester Red Wings, they don't deserve to go to the playoffs.

And you know what? I bet we would have lost even if Rich Harden was pitching. If our guys are going to lay eggs versus the likes of Scott Baker, Ervin Santana and Felix Hernandez, they sure as HELL aren't going to do what it takes to make it out of the ALDS. And I'm not really in the mood to see my favorite team make another first round exit. So make up your minds, you assholes. And swing the bats, you idiots.

Oh, and Macha...stop being a cock-sucker.


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