Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I Just Saved Money on my Car Insurance

Just kidding. I didn't save any money on my car insurance. I DID, however, get a notice in my mail saying that I was involuntarily changing agents. I didn't think anything of it.

Roman: "Hey, where IS our new agent, anyway?"

The Wife: "I dunno. I'll find out. Maybe my sister knows."

Roman: "Your sister? She got switched too?"

The Wife: "Yeah. My mom too."

Roman: "What the? Is Manny (the agent) moving or something?"

The Wife: "No, it's because of the fight."

Roman: "The fight??? What fight?"

The Wife: "I didn't tell you? My sister got in a big fight with Manny and I guess he transferred us to someone else."

Roman: "Fuck."

The Wife: "What?"

Roman: "Nothing."

Now I'm probably on some insurance black list. One fender bender and my rates are going to go through the fucking roof. I just know it. Fucking family. I hate 'em all.

Anyway, back to the good news: Lloyd McClendon got fired. HOORAY!!!

His replacement? Oh I don't know. How 'bout this guy?

Kenneth Edward Macha
Born: September 29, 1950 in Monroeville, PA (less than 15 miles east of Pittsburgh)
School: University of Pittsburgh
Drafted: Pittsburgh Pirates in the 6th round of the 1972 amateur draft.

Oakland fans react.

"Let the grass-eating master of Tae Kwon Do-NOTHING take his tired act to Pittsburgh."

--SaintOakland, Macha to Pittsburgh campaign manager
"And this can't be more of a distraction to our team than the non-stop, jaw-flapping, gum-chewing he does in the dugout."

--chavvy03, on why the McClendon firing won't be a distraction to the Oakland team
"The fact that Macha could kick my ass should we ever throw down kind of bothers me. I guess no one deserves to be both physically AND mentally defenseless. Good for you Kenny."

--Carney_4, with just an all-around hilarious quote
Just gotta hope Jim Leyland dies before the year ends so we can send this silver-haired fool back home.


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