Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Draft Day

My first attempt at live blogging.

10:40 - Tuning into MLB.com's video Draft Show with Casey Stern, Jonathan Mayo and Astros' closer Brad Lidge. Lidge's first words of wisdom to all the draftees: "Sign as fast as you can."

10:47 - Guess the player's union got word of Lidge's advice 'cause he's gone. Former Dodgers' GM Fred Claire has taken his seat. He sounds like my grandma.

10:49 - A segment on small school players took Mayo to a Winthrop vs Coastal Carolina game. A scout at the game gave his thoughts. They didn't show his face and disguised his voice. He sounds like a rape victim.

10:55 - I'm switching over to the radio feed.

10:57 - Seth Everett and Perfect Game USA's Dave Rawnsley are doing the radio's Pre-Draft Show. They duck in a quick phone call from Mike in Tampa, who sounds like he's about 12.

"Where do you see Cameron Maybin going as a major league player?"

Uh, to the major leagues.

11:02 - Roy Krasik, MLB's senior director of major league operations, begins the conference call by welcoming mlb.com and XM Radio listeners and is promptly interrupted by a PSA for Canadian Blood Services. Back to Seth and Dave.

11:07 - Justin Upton is selected first overall. And we're off.

11:09 - Ohhh SHNAP, Seattle selects Jeff Clement. Didn't see that one coming. God bless Bill Bavasi.

11:15 - Maybin slips all the way to 10, where the Tigers nab him. This draft isn't going at all how I had scripted it.

11:18 - Indians take Crowe A LOT earlier than most had predicted. Billy Beane's going to need a new chair.

11:23 - Our mighty A's select a shortstop, Cliff Pennington, from Texas A&M. I'm not thrilled. Could be worse, I guess.

11:32 - First round is complete. Boston wins.

11:53 - Plenty of good college pitching fell through the first round. Ramos, Torra and McCormick are all guys I predicted to go in the first. Hochevar's still there too. Boras must be asking the world for him. Fuck 'im.

I still think we'll take another hitter.

12:00 - Not only did we take another hitter. We took the one I predicted: Travis Buck from Arizona State.

12:04 - Tommy Lasorda is killing me. Effing killing me. He screams his pick, then spells it out. He sounds like a cheerleader. "Give ME AN H-O-C-H-E..."

12:12 - Lasorda going Puerto Rican with this pick. I think I just pissed my pants a little.

12:13 - I'll clean my pants later. Our mighty A's are up and draft Thomas Italiano, a very unpolished high school pitcher. He's said to be one of the hardest throwing pitchers in the draft, with a fastball touching 98 mph.

12:26 - Our mighty A's select ANOTHER high school pitcher. This time it's Carney Lansford's son. This is crazy.

1:06 - Teagarden finally gets selected. Thanks to Boras, this first round talent goes 99th overall to Texas.

1:07 - ANOTHER HIGH SCHOOL PITCHER for our mighty A's. Vincent Mazzaro is a right-handed pitcher from New Jersey. I don't know WHAT to make of all these high schoolers.

1:11 - Lasorda's making LA's picks and fighting a turf war at the same time. He begins his selection with, "The ONLY team in Los Angeles selects..."

1:45 - Another pitcher, but this one's educated. James Shull is a right-handed pitcher from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. We're loading up on arms, that's for sure.

2:45 - Back to the high school ranks for our fifth and sixth round picks. Scott Deal's a right-handed pitcher from Washington State. Justin Sellers is a shortstop from California. All the dopes who thought Moneyball was about high-OBP hitters and college pitchers are scratching their dopey heads.

3:01 - Another high school pitcher for our mighty A's. Kevin Bunch is right-handed pitcher from California. The more high schoolers, the more better. We could very well win state next year.

3:02 - Tommy Lasorda's been replaced by a lady. She promptly fucks up MLB's computer and fails to mention the draftee's position.

3:17 - Yet another right-handed pitcher for Billy Beane. Jason Ray is from a school I've never heard of, Azusa Pacific University.

3:27 - Same song, different verse. William Shield is a right-handed pitcher from the University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa. It sure would suck if all these pitchers turned out to be busts.

3:41 - John Herrera is a right-handed pitcher from Lubbock Christian University. Nine of our last 10 picks have been right-handed pitchers. I'm beginning to think that we might need more catchers.

4:08 - The A's announced their selection of Steven Kleen, a first baseman from Pepperdine. Krasik announced him as a pitcher. Weird.

4:19 - Kleen looks like a solid hitter AND pitcher.

240 AB, .350 Avg, .436 OBP, .525 Slg %, 36 BB, 28 K

51.1 IP, 1.75 ERA, .213 BAA, 47 K, 18 BB

4:20 - Twelveth round pick is Jeffrey Baisley, a third baseman from South Florida. Looks like we might be done drafting pitchers for today.

4:35 - Here we go again. The A's announced their 13th round section as Michael Massaro, a centerfielder from Colorado State University - Pueblo. Krasik announced him as a left-handed pitcher. Guess I'll find out his deal too.

4:40 - Mike Massaro info.

243 AB, .354 Avg, .401 OBP, .531 Slg%, 28 BB, 21 K

42.2 IP, 6.96 ERA, .284 BAA, 34 K, 22 BB

4:45 - Spoke to soon about the run of pitchers being over. Oakland selects Bradley Davis, a left-handed pitcher from Lewis & Clark State College, with their 14th round pick.

4:58 - Oakland selects Jeff Bieker, an outfielder Fort Hays State University, with their 15th round pick. Bieker? I don't even know her.

5:05 - One last break before the final three rounds of the day are completed. This live blogging this was a pretty stupid idea. My thumbs hurt.

5:19 - Another high schooler for the A's in the 16th round. Justin Smoak is a first baseman from South Carolina and has the best name in the draft. Baseball America had him rated as the 95th best draft prospect. We got him at 491. I wonder why he fell so low. Maybe he's going to college.

5:22 - Did I just have a conversation with myself?

5:23 - Yes, you did.

5:29 - Oh, shit. I forgot about the game. We're already up 1-0. The line-up is terrible.

5:32 - Seventeeth round pick is Isaac Omura, a secondbaseman from the University of Hawaii. That's three Hawaiians in four years (Komine and Suzuki being the other two) by my count.

5:43 - Final selection of the day is Anthony Recker, a catcher from Alvernia College.

5:49 - Well, that wasn't fun. Maybe I should've thought this through a little more. Guess I should get to work. I've got 11 solid minutes to get something done.


Anonymous smac said...

not bad at all Larry. The running blog is an acquired skill. nw

Asuza Pacific is near me. D-III, I think. I think Christian Okoye went there.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005 4:16:00 PM  

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