Monday, July 31, 2006

Thanks BiIly

The trade deadline has come and gone and Billy Beane didn't do a damn thing. It wasn't that long ago that Billy made "Fucking-A" trades:
  • Izzy and T-Long, who WAS a decent enough prospect when Billy got him, for Billy Taylor,
  • Jermaine Dye for a couple of retards,
  • Ray Durham for that kid with polio,
  • Rincon for the B-Lot parking attendant.
Then he moved on to trading spare parts for valuable pieces:
  • Guillen for Harang and "future closer" Joe Valentine,
  • Dotel for Mark "The Next Giambi" Teahen and Mike Wood,
  • Payton for Bradford,
  • Kennedy for Byrnes and Quintanilla.
The past couple of years he's got his work out of the way early, leaving the deadline headaches to those dopes that didn't get the job done early. Or was that just an excuse to justify the deals he couldn't get done at deadline?

So what about this year? Why didn't Billy do a damn thing?

Well, I can already tell you what you're going to read in the papers tomorrow.
"Sure, we had some conversations, but we really feel like we made our moves this off-season. And when we get some key guys back from the DL it's going to be like we made our moves after the deadline."

--Billy Beane, tommorow


Piss on my head and tell me it's raining. Again.

Here's what Jason Kendall had to say when he came over from the Pirates:
"Obviously that's all you hear: Big Three, Big Three, Big Three. I'm excited, and it's going to be neat to work with guys of that caliber."

--Jason Kendall, 11/30/2004
Billy Beane sat right next to Jason Kendall when he made those comments. He shook his head in agreement. So here I am, like a fucking fool, believing that Billy's going to make one last run with the Big Three. And as we all know, just two weeks later the Big Three were no more. But we got that Asian sensation, Keiichi Yabu, so all was forgiven.

Billy didn't do anything to make the team better this year. And he didn't do anything to make the team better in the future. Awesome. I'm sure the second half is going to be a blast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, too bad billy didn't make a move. he doesn't now sh*t. somebody needs to start a "billy beane is a moron & i hate him" blog. what a loser. too bad we can't have a genius like you as the team's GM.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 12:18:00 PM  

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