Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Year in Quotes: 2005 First Quarter

"This is a dream come true for me. I'm excited to be a member of the Oakland A's and excited to be playing baseball in America."

--Keiichi Yabu, 1/13/2005

"The talks we've had haven't been real substantive so far, but it's something we'd like to get done. Whether it gets done before Spring Training or not, we'll just have to see how things go. But we're obviously pleased with what Kenny's done here, and he deserves to be rewarded."

--Billy Beane, 1/20/2005

"My focus is on the team right now, and I think everything will work out for everybody. ... I have no problem managing with a one-year contract."

--Ken Macha, 2/10/05

"Juan Cruz should be unhittable."

--Jason Kendall, 2/12/2005

"I'm not giving away '05 -- I'll let everyone else do that. I think we've made more improvements than I think we get credit for. The fact is, whatever happens in 2005, we should be better in 2006 and better in 2007, which was not going to be the case otherwise."

--Billy Beane, 2/20/2005

"I honestly don't care. Whatever happens, I really don't care. And I know that's easier said than done, but after last year, it's not that hard."

--Bobby Kielty, 3/3/2005

"We have a Plan A. We're hoping that our young guys -- Haren, Meyer, Blanton -- that they all work out. So we'll have to see how our rotation goes, if our rotation goes as planned."

--Ken Macha, 3/11/2005

"If I continue to have outings like this, obviously I don't see a problem with me making the rotation. I showcased what I can do."

--Seth "Plan D" Etherton, 3/11/2005

"I'd be very surprised if Mark [Ellis] didn't have a big year."

--Dave Hudgens, 3/18/2005

"No pain at all. Everything is back to normal."

--Octavio Dotel, 3/18/2005

"I consider it a great pleasure to have my name associated with a franchise that has such a rich and proud history as the Oakland Athletics. I am excited about our future and working to continue the A's tradition of excellence both on and off the field."

Lew Wolff, 3/30/2005


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