Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Macha 'round the World

Thanks to loyal reader Doug for the scoop. Keep sending in your Macha moments, people. Has anybody ever witnessed him actually doing something intelligent? Or at least doing something not stupid?

I am an avid A's fan, and in the last couple of months I have begun reading I noticed in your latest post, you are looking for any Macha stories, so I figured I'd contribute the one that I have.
I was on business in Philly back in January, and decided to take an early AM flight back to the Bay Area on a Saturday. I was waiting at the gate at like 6AM, waiting for my 7AM flight from Philly to SFO. I was sitting down, listening to my iPOD, and wearing my A's hat. I saw some old man walking towards me looking all excited. I was half asleep, and looked up, and it was friggin Ken Macha walking towards me, and he was giving me a double thumbs up sign, a la The Fonz. He was acting like I was the guy on a MLB team and he was some chump. I took off my headphones, said this should be an exciting year (this was in Jan 2005), and I looked forward to the sick young guns our pitching staff consisted of. He didn't say a word, just kept nodding and smiling.
He went and sat down in the waiting area by me, and began eating yogurt and a banana. He had like 3 containers of yogurt, I was still hungover, and in disbelief that Ken Macha was on my plane. I got on the plane in 1st class, and as I was boarding, I stopped because Macha was at the desk trying to get comped up to 1st class because of who he was. The United rep was not impressed. He walked by me when he boarded, and I watched him sit down in like the 25th row. Apparently, being Ken Macha does not get you any freebies. What a chump.....
How is this guy still our Manager?????


Hmm, looks like overshooting his own worth is not just a one time thing with Macha. I bet this story ends with him crawling back to the United Desk and begging for his original coach ticket. If I had been the United service representative and some asshat like Ken Macha demanded to be bumped up to 1st class because he was "Ken Macha," I'd have stabbed him in the face and said, "Just for that, you're riding with the luggage. Now get in the crate." And what was with the thumbs up? The thumbs up is something that 3 year olds and retards do because they don't have or don't yet have the vocabulary to communicate like non-morons. Doug didn't mention any drool on Macha's chin at the time of the thumbs up, but we'll just assume it was there. Keep nodding and smiling, douchebag. It's not like you need to make a pitching change or anything. How in the world did this guy graduate with a degree in Engineering? The only thing he can engineer are idiotic lineups and September chokejobs. That must have been his emphasis, I suppose. I'd make fun of the yogurt thing, but I like yogurt. Don't tell anybody, though. I've got a reputation to protect.

God damn I hate Macha.

It's Good to Be King

Bill King was the only radio announcer I have ever known as an A's fan. And he's the best I've ever heard. In a profession where the standard of quality is so painfully low, King stood miles ahead of everybody else. For those of us who have been forced to listen to the likes of Michael Kay, Jim Palmer, and Rex Hudler, you know that a great announcer can make all the difference in the world. He was never a homer, he just told me what was happening, which was exactly the way I liked it. In recent years, as the A's television broadcast team became totally unlistenable (I'm talking about you, Hank Greenwald), the decision to turn on the radio to 610, mute the tv, and just live with the 3 or 4 second difference was an easy one. He'll likely get into the Hall of Fame at some point; it's a shame he won't be alive to see it, though. It should also be noted that Bill King hated Macha, too. That alone makes him A-Ok in my book.

Any annoucer that uses "conjure" and "out of his gourd" in a single sentence is truly something you won't hear every day. Or, in all likelihood, ever again. This was in all probability the greatest double play ever turned, and King captured it perfectly. Listen to it here.

You were one of a kind, and you will be missed. A's broadcasts will never be the same, and I hope the A's "retire your jersey" and put you up on the outfield wall. You deserve it.

Rest in Peace, Bill.

Here are the tributes that KNBR ran last night for King. You can listen to them here, here, here, and here.

Readers (both of you), feel free to share your favorite King moments in the comments section.


Blogger Toni said...

It's hard to pinpoint one game or one memory when it comes to Bill. I've been listening to A's games for close to 20 years and Bill has been the voice of most of them. Maybe it's because the season is so long and games extend to at least 3 hours. But I'd put the game on at work... the radio murmurring in the background, I'd get distracted with something and when my focus would return to the game... there would be Bill. It was as if I had listened to the whole game.

There was something so familiar and comforting about that raspy, gravelly voice. His humor and the pictures his words would paint. I know I'm not saying anything new, but I believe my love for the A's came out of listening to their games on the radio. I learned so much about the game and about the A's just by listening to Bill King.

Last night KNBR played a tribute to King and one of the few A's clips was the Gibson homerun. I hate that play, hate with all my being, but somehow listening to Bill call it, his voice rising as the ball soared far into the LA night, somehow made it palpable.

As to a singular moment I think it was the infamous Jeter to home... slide Jeremy slide play. It wasn't so much the call, because I don't even remember it, but it was Bill commenting on how one play can change the course of a series.

The thing I think I appreciate most was Bill was never a homer, he didn't have an agenda and he respected the opponent as much as the home team. It was a refreshing change from the noise that bombards the airwaves today.


Holy Toledo Bill... you'll be sorely missed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 12:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Spaz said...

Damn toni, that made me cry. LOL

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 8:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry Spaz, we've all been quite fragile and on the verge of tears ever since heard the news. Of Ken Macha returning, that is.

Thursday, October 20, 2005 8:07:00 AM  

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