Sunday, September 18, 2005

That's Just Macha being Macha

Ho hum. Another day, another 1 run loss. Another day, another 2 GIDP's. That makes 17 in the last 8 games. Macha, given two situations with 2 on and 0 out, elected not to try and steal, or hit and run, or bunt. Alas, he let the team that has a major league leading 141 GIDP's hit into 2 more, squelching two rallies, killing two innings, and costing us the game.

Tonight, the culprits were Johnson and Chavez, two guys who are a combined 4 for their last 41. Is there really a downside to not putting the game in motion? Arroyo isn't a strikeout pitcher, and Varitek is the Jason Kendall of sucking at throwing out baserunners. Combine that with the fact that our hitters don't strike out, and bamn! you've got the perfect recipe for a hit and run. But Macha continues to sit on his ass, not trying something new during desperate times. You can set your watch to these double plays, but sadly, the inaudible beeps of a watch alarm aren't waking Macha up from his daily 3 hour slumber.

Do I blame the team wide offensive slump on Macha? Surely, he's a part of it. Last year, we watched him run the regulars ragged during the season, refusing to give them days off in July and August, so by the time September rolled around, they were shells of their former selves, and stumbled to the finish line losing 17 of their final 30 games that counted.

Was Macha paying attention to that? Well, obviously not, but in all fairness to Ken, it's tough to be noticing things while you're asleep on the dugout bench. But Macha is the one who refuses to take Hatte's corpse out of the lineup. Chavez has had a grand total of 1 day off all season; he's pretty much dead. Payton has had one day off since July 23rd; he's in a 4 for 22 slump. Dan Johnson hasn't had a rest since July 21st. You see what's happening, Ken? The off days you refuse to give these guys during the summer manifest themselves during the fall. You're overseeing yet another September chokejob, and it's probably 75% your fault. I know you can't understand, seeing not only that you never had more than 107 AB's in a season, but also because you're a fucking moron who probably can't even put on his pants without falling over.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, Ken. Put the game in motion more. Sit Hatte's ass on the bench, and insert the backup catcher that had an 1.141 August OPS. Give Bocachica a couple of games while Payton rests up. That would help the lineup. And then go stab yourself in the brain because you're a fucking retard who has singlehandedly cost us 10-15 games the last two years by being a fucking retard. You are the single dumbest human being in history, and never have a clue what's going on. The good news is that next year when you're in Pittsburgh, you won't be able to fuck up a playoff team and make it a non-playoff team; you'll simply take a mediocre team and make it worse than that. Costing your team wins is what you do best.

But that's just Macha being Macha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a very good point about these guys running on empty. It's probably not a concidence that Ellis who had quite a few days off early in the year and Kotsay who was hurt are the only two hitting at all. Swisher is leading all rookies with games played. And consider Johnson probably didn't get many days off with the Rivercats. And it all spells another September freefall.

It's sad, because this team is a play off calibur team as the AL West is shaping up.

You have to wonder where Billy Beane is in all of this. Or how Macha can't connect the dots between last year and this one.

Sunday, September 18, 2005 12:04:00 PM  

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