Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Captain Genius strikes again

If you had opened up the sports page this morning, here is what you would have read:

A healthy Hatteberg is key, according to Macha. "I think it's very important to have a veteran (batter) in the middle of the lineup," Macha said. "He meant so much to us in the middle of the hot streak and we want to get him back in there healthy."

Here's what I think. I think you're a fucking assclown. It's not important to have a veteran hitter in the middle of the lineup, it's important to have a good hitter in the middle of the lineup. Preferably, more than one. Hatte wouldn't even be the best hitter if he were in the middle of a god damn police lineup. Especially if he were in a lineup with rapists. Rapists are great at "hitting" things, like solitary joggers and elderly housewives.

Scott Hatteberg currently has a .698 OPS. That ranks him 77th out of 84 qualified batters in the American League. And Macha wants this guy hitting in the middle of the lineup?

"But what about Macha's claim that Hatte meant so much to this team in the middle of the hot streak?"
-Guy who is arguing for arguing's sake

We'll define the hot streak as all games played between May 30 and August 11th, during which point the A's went 49-16. I'm pretty sure you guys all know what's coming here. During those 65 games, Hatte posted the following line.

.279/.344/.370. in 154 AB's.

Yeah, that's a .714 OPS that he managed to put up while the team was winning. I'd be extremely interested in hearing just exactly what Macha thinks the phrase "meant so much" means. Seriously. I will pay $500 dollars to anybody that gets Macha to answer that question. Does he seriously think we couldn't have lived without an OPS that last year would have been more than 10% below league average? And that's for ALL players, not just first-baseman and DH's, who tyoically hit much better than league average. Just for fun, I decided to look up what other first baseman and DH's are doing in comparison.

Among qualified 1st baseman:
Hatte ranks dead last

Among qualified DH's:
Hatte ranks dead last

Get well soon, Scott. I can't wait until you're back hitting cleanup again.


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