Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, What Could Have Ten......

There is likely no hotter team in all of MLB than our beloved Oakland Athletics. Last night's dominating 8-1 win over the Seattle Marginals was the team's fifth consecutive victory. And before the loss on the 22nd, they had won four straight. That loss was heartbreaking because they lost a 3-1 9th inning lead, almost entirely due to Macha's douchebaggery. Ok, we get it, Ken. The Duke had been overworked, so you wanted to rest him. Seems reasonable enough. And in his stead, you want to use a procession of relievers to get the last three outs. The problem was, after you bring in Rincon to face the lefties, you had no backup option should the game not have been over at that point. It wasn't, and you had dug yourself into yet another hole from which you couldn't climb out. Watching Macha manage a baseball game is exactly like watching someone read a paper as they walk down the street with their nuts perfectly aligned with a parking meter that ain't moving. There's only one person who doesn't seem to realize it's going to end badly. And all any of us can do is sit back and suffer the carnage.

So last night, our hometown heroes should have been celebrating their 10th straight victory. Should have climbed to within 1.5 games of second place Texas, within 5.5 of the Wild Card leaders. Should have started to get more media attention. Should have inched within two games of .500. And I know we can all "should have" each other to death, and it don't mean a whole lot. According to me, I "should have" nailed my best friend's sister by now. His mom, too. According to them, not so much.

Anyway, the point is that Macha costs us games. Physically, tangibly costs us games. And winning streaks. Ten game winning streaks, in fact. And takes years off our lives. While other managers are busy managing a ballgame, Macha, as clearly evidenced by my unstoppable photoshop work, stands there like a dope saying a bunch of question marks. Yeah, I know. What a douchebag.


Blogger Joe Speaker said...

you know, if Crosby can catch the ball...

I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 2:58:00 PM  
Anonymous NoodlesHahn said...

imo, the question marks should have been in thought-cloud form.

Saturday, July 02, 2005 12:39:00 AM  

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